Getting Started with the Community

7 Steps to Get Involved

Step 1. Register an account at so you have full access to the community. It takes less than 1 minute and is free.
Step 2. Introduce yourself in the Member Introductions forum. Let the community know who you are, and get to know fellow learners.
Step 3. Have a question? Search for it and see if it has been answered. If it hasn't, post your question in the appropriate subforum.
Step 4. Browse the forum and look at exisiting questions and topics. If you are able to answer a question someone has or want to give your input on an existing discussion? Go for it, we'd love to hear from you.
Step 5. The Archive currently has over 50,000 posts. Browse or search there to find archived discussions of the past. You can link to old topics and discuss them further if you wish. If you wish to continue a specific thread that you have found in the Archive section, the identical one can also be found in the Facebook Group Here
Step 6. Get comfortable with the layout of the forum. Each member has their own account and user control panel, as well as a messaging inbox. See the FAQ for some common questions.
Step 7. Have any comments, questions, or other feedback about the site? We're constantly looking to improve. Post your reply in the site welcome thread here.
Step 8. Browse our Thai resources page. The internet has lots of great free resources, and we've compiled some of them here.