Welcome to SolveThai.com!

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Welcome to SolveThai.com!

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Welcome to SolveThai.com, a community to study the Thai Language. The goal of this community is to supplement the current Facebook group. In our opinion Facebook groups leave huge amount of excellent discussion behind - old discussions are hard to find, can't be linked to, or categorized, and as a result there are lots of redundant posts and lots of time spent answering redundant posts. The purpose of this community is to solve those issues.

The following sub-forums are currently available:
Announcements - community announcements made by the moderators.
Member Introduction - introduce yourself here and let's get to know each other.
General Thai Language - general Thai language discussion.
What Does This Mean | Translation - help with translations.
Archive - archived posts from the Facebook group - currently over 50,000 posts which can be linked to/referenced and discussed in the 2 forums above. They are also searchable, but only available to members.
General Off-Topic - for general off-topic chat not related to the Thai language.

You can also browse around the page at the top of the site, which currently include a live chat, getting started guide, and wiki.

Joining the community takes less than a minute, and is free. It enables you to search the community, join the discussion, and meet fellow learners. Together, we can help each other and hopefully motivate more people to study Thai Language.

If you have any questions or comments, doesn't hesitate to let us know by replying here or sending me a private message.
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