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Glossika Mass Sentences

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:33 am
by PatrickK
Has anyone here used Glossika? After using it a fair amount since it was released, I really wish it was something I used when I first started learning. It has a pdf with a sentence in English, then the sentence the way Thais would communicate, and then separately an audio file saying the sentence. There are 3 kinds of audio files a) which is English, then 2 repeated twice, b) which is English, followed by a break for you to think of the Thai equivalent, then it says the answer in Thai c) which is only in Thai.

Each day, for example, you can do 50 sentences. Read them, write them, record yourself doing them, listen to them over and over. Each day the sentences begin adding on new words, so you build up not only your vocab, but also better understand sentence structure. They have recommended daily routines, but you can alter them and also alter how many sentences you do. There is fluency 1, 2, and 3, each with 2,000 sentences.

I'd be interested in hearing what other people think of it, and what your daily routine looks like.