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'Cram Course' for Conversational Thai

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:53 am
by Tod Daniels
Because I've been to quite a few thai language schools in Bangkok and written reviews for many of them on Catherine Wentworth's website women learn thai; I had an interesting opportunity come my way when I was visiting a school.

In talking to the owner, they said they'd be willing to do a "custom course" of 60 hours using all the conversational thai modules which are commonly taught in "Union Clone Schools". This means instead of one module taking 60 hours and the 3 conversational modules taking a total of 180 hours, they would be taught as a module every 20 hours or 3 modules being covered in 60 hours. There is no school doing this, it isn't a "normal curriculum" sort of thing.. It's certainly not an "I've never learned thai" before but want to sort of deal either ;)

This is a cram 60 hour course to nail down the structure in thai for someone who already possesses a fair to good command of the spoken language.

The reason I'm tryin' to put something like this together is;

My thai is primarily self taught. My thai vocab is wicked good, my reading comprehension of thai is very high, but the structure of my spoken thai is weak (and that's putting it in a favorable light)! I don't know the "from this ...... until that", "if not this... then that", like those conversational books teach because I never learned thai that way or sat the conversational thai modules at a school.

The conversational books are in "karaoke thai" but anyone who has a fairly good grasp of spoken thai isn't gonna have a problem reading it. The classes would run 3 hours a day 5 days a week for 4 weeks. We could go either in the morning or the afternoon, but once we pick one or the other time slot we can't change it. The term starts just after the New Year and the school is located near the Asok/Sukhumvit BTS/MRT station so it's not too hard to get to.

Now be forwarned; there might be a "vetting process" where we meet up before hand, look at the material to be covered and see if what I know, what you know are close to being on the same page.. It's not that I'm afraid to go into this course being the weak link in the chain, but as fast paced as it's gonna be, you're gonna hafta have conversational thai down to a certain degree already. The last thing I want to do with this is have the school teach it and have people pissed that it wasn't what they thought..

I need to get 4 additional students for the school to run this course and they've agreed to do it for 6000baht for 60 hours.

I think it'd be a great opportunity for thai learners out there, and I certainly want to do it.

If anyone is interested, please respond with a personal message, to this thread directly or to my gmail account which is on the stuff I write for Catherine's site..

Oh and BTW; just so you know, this is me; ... d-daniels/