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Archive of the Farang Can Learn Thai Language รักภาษาไทย Facebook Group. Posts here can be referenced and linked to, but are locked and available only to members. To request post removal, contact us.
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About The Archive Forum

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This forum is an "archive" of the Facebook group. While the Facebook group is active, threads can't be categorized or linked to, and as a result, after a few days threads are pretty much gone and unused. SolveThai solves this problem by pulling all of the threads, replies, and users, and posting them into this archive forum. This forum is locked, so any topics here that you want to discuss further should be started in a new thread in the Thai discussion forum, and then you can link to the existing topics here. All posts archives here can be linked to, searched, and easily browsed/read.

The archive will be updated periodically with the latest posts from the Facebook group overtime.

In regards to privacy, we have taken every measure possible to keep your content safe. Nothing in our archive forum will be found in Google, or any other search engine. The names of all posters have been abbreviated to ensure 100% privacy.
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