Thai common presumption about tourists.

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Thai common presumption about tourists.

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This was posted on FB, and I'd be curious to hear some of your thoughts. Would be nice to see more Thai cultural discussions on here, and also get some Thais to give some insight. Thoughts?
1) Thai common presumption about tourists.
I'm coming with an experimental idea about how or why do (probably majority) Thai people think about western tourists especially the negative presumption about sexpats. *Caution* This is my personal empirical hypothesis so heavily factual info may not be prevalent in the statements. This thread is open to logical discussion and criticism. So please leave emotional drama or sensitivity.

… I think the media especially hollywood plays big role of Thai's perception towards western tourists. As you can see in hollywood movies, the main characters seem to be quick to love scenes such as kissing and finally obvious display of physical intimacy.

So that is quite valid enough for Asian to make presumption that western people are quicker to sexual activity. That’s why an image of sexpats is prevalent. If you notice most Asian movie/drama pattern, the protagonists tend to be displayed sexually reserved and they just start to have kissing scene when both paired characters are finally committed.

Also, the more ubiquity of public display of affection in North america and in Europe even validates this presumption. Noticeably, we (I'm a part of we) grew up with Japanese manga/anime (comic & animation) and Chinese drama (Hong Kong's TVB periods to be exact). Media during the childhood also plays big role.
Japanese animation in every weekends' morning and Hong Kong TVB's Chinese period drama in weekdays' dinner time and in the weekends' afternoon for rerun programme.

Boys (I was one of them lol) were busy with Pokemon monster hunting and Pokemon cards seeking from Cheetos snack. (I could eat 5 Cheetos after every meal just for the sake of finding a legendary Pokemon "Moltres") or were busy with Beyblade metal fight. While girls may fantasise their imaginary Sailor Moon heroines and save the world or muse their seven-coloured mini witchery dolls. Both boys and girls are happy with Doraemon's surreal applicators and sci-fi machines.
None of the above had kissing scene not even display of physical contact. The story didn't have any moment leading to female-male romantic relationship. Even Chinese drama in the evening, we dressed ourselves like Qing dynasty's princesses or daydreamed flying above the cloud with lightening power or fancied joining with a pack of pig, monkey, monk, horse and camel heading west to India in Journey to the West. (ไซอิ๋ว)

Picture little western girls watching Disney's happy ending fairytales that prince kissing princess is almost required. Or little kids listening to Danish Hans Christian Andersen's prince kissing princess and German The Brothers Grimm's kissing & touching moments. Or Marvel & DC comic's passionate scenes. Whereas Asian comic works that adults still read (Detective Conan, for example) have little to nothing to do with any form of passionate expression.
Back when I was young, my family often grabbed the remote control to switch to other random channel when the rise of passionate scene in western movie on the TV's "bed time" started to show. [Picture this pattern? The on-air time of the show...] This parental control of possible inappropriate 'western' scenes may sound downright stupid. But that is what almost everybody perceives that 'western movie' is synonymous with a form of entertainment that has possibility to watch that 'adult' scene.

So I come to a personal conclusion that the selection of media could have impact on Thai's presumption that westerners are quicker to initiating physical intimacy act. Commonplace of western women wearing bikini on the beach or wearing obvious provocative clothes also boosts this presumption. That's why it's a ridiculously presumptuous image that Thai tend to think that 'Ohhhhh westerners! There there! Kissing in the public! They might come here for temporary fun and fun about something sexual as having bed activity is so common for them, right?"
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Re: Thai common presumption about tourists.

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I think this is nothing but a rant by a "young" (from their childhood toyz), "privileged" from the way they outline their up-bringing, Asian. :shock:

There are just too many broad brush analogies comparing what foreign movies (which are MOVIES, not real life :lol: ) and asian movies (which are also NOT real life :shock: ). It seems that based solely on western movies, they immediately jump to the conclusion that is the way westerners are.. ;)

If that premise is true, watching thai soap operas, I might be led to believe the entire country is separated into the havez-n-have notz, all thai men cheat on their wives and/or have mistresses, there are ghosts and gangs of mafia guyz wandering around the country! :lol:

Also I see very LITTLE substance that directly relates to thailand. It appears to be nothing but a skewed view using their definite bias against the west as a weapon to compare what they wrongly perceive via movies as how western foreigners are in real life... :cry:

Far more asians come here for sex than westerners! :shock: There are clubs and indeed entire Sois out near Thong Lo in the Japanese enclave of Bangkok that a westerner (white person) can't get in or even walk down the Soi without a Japanese guy with them! :)

About the ONLY thing I will agree 100% with the poster is their statement; "heavily factual info may not be prevalent in the statements." :D

I didn't see any remotely factual statements :o let alone any heavily factual ones in their rant. :P
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